Automatically reallocate ad spending to the most profitable products and markets

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PPC white-label management agnecy

Integrating digital advertising with inventory, website promotions and external data trends to optimize campaigns

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Dynamically Insert Prices, Inventory Availability, and Discounts in Ads

PPC bidding, dynamic PPC ads, dynamic SEM ads

The ADSHIFT inventory automation tool has significantly improved our campaigns eliminating spending on out of stock items and promoting sale products ~ Joe, Ecommerce Director at WestsideWholesale

ADSHIFT Integration Platform

Strategic PPC Integration Team

We work with all members of your team to create a Business Integration driven PPC strategy. Our team has the experience to identify the right business triggers.

Monitor Changes

Monitor how each task is mapping business data to PPC changes daily or hourly.

Transparent Reporting Dashboards

PPC automation platform

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