Weather Optimized PPC Bidding & Ad Changes

Local weather conditions are used to automatically adjust keyword bids when any combination of weather conditions exist. Consumer buying behavior is very often triggered by weather condition which should drive campaign optimization.

  • Increase bids when it rains over 1″
  • Launch snow products in local markets with over 2″
  • Launch Bikinis when over 85° in over 2,000 different cities
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Bidding Using Local Weather

Promote weather driven products only when demand is the highest

Bids Adjusted in each City Selected

Bids optimized against the weather in every US city.

Optimize Based on Multi Weather Conditions

Adjust local bid changes in every market based on multiple simultaneous conditions. Example increase bid 2% when great than 2″ snow & over 30° & wind 2 MPH.

No Need to Restructure Account

Local campaigns can be optimized or local weather bids can be adjusted using enhanced bids for each location.

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Insert Weather Conditions in Local Ads

Dynamically insert current or forecasted weather conditions in ads to increase ad relevancy at the moment of decision. Product promotion amounts on local landing page can also be populated in ads.



How Different Industries Use Weather Triggered Bidding


Airline Ticket Sales


Restaurant Chains




National Coffee Shops

PPC weather Bidding, Adwords weather tool, ppc weather software

Car Rentals


Golf Resort & Hotel

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Reporting Dashboard

Track changes with the ADSHIFT reporting dashboard

Monitor Changes Daily

Monitor how campaign changes have other effects on the paid search program and business.

Trending of Changes over Time

Monitor changes for each change strategy over time. See correlations between account performance and optimizations.

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Integrates with your current campaigns and adgroup structure. Requires no account changes.

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