PPC Bidding Based on Inventory Levels

Optimize ads and keyword bids based on promotions and product availability

  • Pause keywords leading to pages with out-of-stock products
  • Change keyword bids based on the number of units in stock
  • Automatically re-activate keywords when products come back in stock
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Bidding Using Product Inventory Levels

Use inventory levels to drive paid search bid and ad copy optimizations

Pause Keywords for Out-of-Stock Products

Stop wasting your advertising budget bidding on keywords that lead to out-of-stock product pages. Keywords are paused immediately when products are no longer available

Increase Bids on Sale or Overstock Items

Adjust bids based on defined inventory levels to push overstock or sale items. Enables bidding based on the number of units in stock

Insert Prices and Discount Percentages into Ad Copy

Improve ad copy quality by dynamically inserting product price, discount percentage (ex: 20% off), inventory availability, or sale end date. Increased relevance can drive higher conversion and click-through rates.

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Dynamically Insert Prices, Inventory Availability, and Discounts into Ads

Ad copy is updated daily to reflect current product prices, discounts, and units in stock. More relevant ad copy can lead to a better customer experience, resulting in higher CTR and improved paid search performance.

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Sample Inventory Automation Strategy

Here is an example of how ADSHIFT clients can set rules for keyword and ad copy changes based on inventory levels:

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The ADSHIFT inventory automation tool has significantly improved our campaigns, eliminating spending on out-of-stock items and promoting sale products. ~ Joe, Ecommerce Director at WestsideWholesale

Our Inventory Bidding Tool Works Across a Wide Range of Industries:



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Wholesale Companies

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Auto Dealerships


Online Retailers

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Car Rental Companies

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Hotel Chains

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Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Track changes with the ADSHIFT reporting dashboard.

Monitor Changes Daily

Monitor campaign changes and understand how those changes affect paid search performance.

Analyze Performance Trends Over Time

Find correlations between ADSHIFT optimizations and changes in performance.

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