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ADSHIFT is a team of innovators that thrives on big ideas, hard work and cutting edge technology. Our culture of mentorship drives new employees to learn quickly and effectively. The approach we take is to customize each role towards each individual’s skill set to make work more productive and enjoyable for everyone.

We have a highly collaborative work environment that stimulates creativity and rewards initiative. We keep sane working hours, while still taking care of business, and believe in being ourselves on and off the job. We believe in rewarding success and results and as a result, your career progression at ADSHIFT can be as fast as it is limitless.

Highly Competitive Compensation | Annual Bonuses | Profit Sharing | Full Medical Coverage

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We can promise each new team member that ADSHIFT will develop them into a digital marketing expert and give them unique experiences with clients in nearly every business vertical. Along the way, we like to have a bit of fun as well!

Aside from the passion cultivated in employees on a day to day work basis, we also offer many perks to make our employees’ lives better and easier. Aside from the regular benefits like health insurance, here are some unique ways that we treat our employees:

  • $100/month fitness reimbursement (for gyms, fitness classes, and anything else!)
  • Bagel Fridays
  • External training programs
  • Foosball and Ping Pong tables with in office tournaments
  • Fully stocked kitchen for snacks and on the job meals
  • Company chartered sailboat to enjoy throughout summer months
  • Quarterly company dinner club

11 E. Hubbard Street, Suite 701
Chicago, IL 60611 USA
(312) 265-3001

United Kingdom (020) 7097 3957
Australia (20) 8005 6465
Canada (647) 694 2675

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