Leveraging Business Intelligence data has been the key to Record Breaking results in PPC

Westside Wholesale PPC

E-commerce Retailer

Automate Inventory Control and Stock Levels


Westside Wholesale is a large E-commerce retailer within the homebuilder products industry, with over 40,000 product SKUs.

The key challenge for the brand was keeping text ads in sync with availability for both product and category level pages promoted. At the time this was being done on a spot-checking basis or not done at all.

ADSHIFT was asked to develop a solution for dynamically updating ad copy with availability and product prices. This was also key to growing and maintaining their PPC program.


ADSHIFT’s strategy team built a custom integration strategy that automatically kept every ad updated with the product price and promotion.

Inventory was integrated with every text ad to active and pause ads based on product availability, saving hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.


20% decrease in the cost per conversion

Increase in sales 1.4X YOY based on the abilty to scale campaigns


E-commerce Retailer

Automation Seasonal Promotions and Stock Levels


Collections Etc. is an E-commerce retailer offering low price gifts with a large focus on seasonality.

With over 70% of online sales completed during peak holidays, the retailer needed a solution to automate the activation of new products as they became available and for managing out of stock products.

Key challenge was ad and inventory syncing as hundreds of products promoted would go in and out of stock daily.


ADSHIFT's Platform automated ad activation based on product availability. Over 2,000 seasonal product adgroups were activated the day that products became available during peak holiday periods.

A key element of the Collections Etc. strategy was to keep seasonal promotions updated in ad copy, allowing the marketing team to focus optimization strategy.


Automating the PPC program contributed to a 2.1X increase YOY in sales and revenue


Auto Dealer Group

Automation of Cars in Stock and Ads


Grossinger Auto Group wanted to synchronize the on lot car inventory with their PPC ad messaging and status of ads.

With over a million dollar annual PPC budget it was key to ensure all the ad messaging was synchronized with the stock levels at each of the ten dealerships.

Key to this integration was not to have to rely on a data feed and the ability to pull the number of available models on a page promoted into the ads.


ADSHIFT's Platform automated the ads to show the number of available cars on each lot in the ads which resulted in an overall increase in Click Through Rates.

The status availably of every model was integrated into their PPC campaigns which insured that only ads with models available were being promoted.


Reduced PPC campaign management hours 40%

Increased ad click rates 30%

“The ADSHIFT team is terrific! When we started working with them our CPC’s were costly resulting in high acquisition costs. As soon as we started working with ADSHIFT, they brought this cost down almost immediately. I would highly recommend this very effective and results-based digital firm.”

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