Automate PPC bids based on Weather, Product Inventory, Promotions and Social Media

Our integrated PPC automation solutions will allow your inventory or current weather conditions to trigger keyword bids and ad updates.

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Automated Inventory Management

Here is an Inventory Management Solution that automatically adjusts search advertising to inventory levels to maximize revenue and limit wasted ad spend:

  • Pause ads when a product goes out of stock.
  • Adjust bids based on inventory levels to prioritize products that are overstocked and deprioritize lower stocked products.
  • Dynamically adjusts ad copy to price points and promotions when they are updated on the landing page.

Weather Ad Automation

Utilize weather data to adjust advertising to weather-dependent demands:

  • Adjust bidding to region specific weather events. For example, a retail client could adjust bidding on bathing suits on the first warm day in Chicago to run ads in the top positions.
  • Automate ad messaging adjustments based on current weather. For instance, a ski resort could automatically highlight the current snow levels in the ads and increase bids when the snow exceeds three inches.
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Dynamically Insert Prices, Inventory Availability, and Discounts in Ads

Ad copy is updated daily with product pricing to product discounts for every product specific ad. Ads include the most accurate and compelling selling points to maximize the customer experience and click volume.


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No data feed required! Allows for unparalleled speed to launch

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