Integrating digital advertising with inventory, website promotions and external data trends to optimize campaigns

We Start with a Tailored PPC Integration Strategy

Every integration is custom to the client’s automation needs and their specific data

We fully manage the set-up and monitor automation rules.

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Automated Inventory Integrations

Reduce Wasted Advertising Dollars by Pausing Terms on Out of Stock Products

Stop wasting your ad budget bidding on keywords driving to out of stock products.

Automate Bidding Based on Inventory Levels

Bids can be increased based on reaching defined inventory levels or sale launches. Reduce oversupply before a product needs to go on sale.

Increase Relevancy by Inserting Price and Promotions in Ads

Maximize ad copy experiences by dynamically inserting the product price, promotion rate, inventory availability, or sale end date for every product ad.

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The ADSHIFT inventory automation tool has significantly improved our campaigns eliminating spending on out of stock items and promoting sale products ~ Joe, Ecommerce Director at WestsideWholesale

Transparent Performance Reporting

Google, Bing, and Google Shopping in One Dashboard

View all the changes made in one dashboard.

Clear and Simple Performance Reporting

View top level trends how your account is performing while also being able to gain deeper understanding of your data.

Transparent Reporting Dashboards

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Expertise Across Top Industries

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Learn how the ADSHIFT Strategic Approach has Redefined Client ROI Growth

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